Lecture on SDGs Held at Nagaoka School for the Deaf.

On 5 October (Tue), Dr. KATSUMI Mami UEA, gave a lecture on the SDGs entitled “Exploring the SDGs” at the high school division of Niigata Prefectural Nagaoka School for the Deaf. Students at the high school have been learning about the SDGs through exploratory activities since last year, with themed learning such as attending talks by local companies who are tackling the SDGs.

The first half of the lecture, after an explanation of the existing state and issues of the SDGs, Dr. KATSUMI introduced our role as a hub university for SDG9 and our research which were aimed at solving issues related to the SDGs. Two Sign Language interpreters provided simultaneous interpretation throughout the lecture. During the group work in the second half, students had fun learning about SDGs through activities such as the “Mystery-Solving SDG Unification Game,” which involved finding the right answer based on the information (hints) given to individual students.

We will continue to actively promote efforts toward achieving the SDGs by raising awareness and conducting events, etc. in collaboration with local communities and educational institutions in the future.