Nagaoka City held a course on “Learning as a Family: Global Warming Countermeasures.”

Nagaoka university of Technology promotes initiatives toward SDG achievement through collaboration with the community and other educational institutions.
The “Learning as a Family: Global Warming Countermeasures” course, aimed at Nagaoka City residents who attend fifth and sixth grade in local elementary schools and their guardians, was held five times from August 7 (Saturday) to September 23 (Thursday), commissioned by the Environmental Policy Division, Environment Department, Nagaoka City.

Lecture 1
August 7 (Sat.)
Lecture on global warming: Why is global warming happening? What can we do?
Lecture 2
August 16 (Mon.)
Tour of city companies: How are companies in Nagaoka City working to prevent global warming?
Leucture 3
August 21 (Sat.)
Lecture on SDGs: What does “SDGs” mean? Learning through games
Lecture 4
September 4 (Sat.)
Interaction with Nagaoka University of Technology international students: How are other countries working to achieve the SDGs and prevent climate change? Talking with international students to consider the topic. (online)
Lecture 5
September 23 (Thu.)
Summary: Let’s create a deliverable with what we have learned

We will continue to engage actively in activities to solve local issues related to the SDGs and to widely promote and raise awareness of the SDGs themselves.