“Beach Cleanup × Learning” Event held with Student SDGs Promoters.

On Saturday, October 9, Nagaoka University of Technology conducted a “Beach Cleanup × Learning” event at Gomoto Beach in Nagaoka City as part of our activities aimed at disseminating SDGs among the public.

This was the second time to hold cleanup event. On this occasion, in addition to the Student SDGs Promoters and others from the university, local residents were joined with us this time. The concept behind the cleanup was to learn about the ocean and science while cleaning the beach. Our partners included NPO Lily & Marry’S President YAMADA Ayano (the Kawaii Rika Project researcher at NUT) and the Teradomari Youth Group Hane.

On the day, following an explanation of the work by Ms. Yamada, the participants picked up trash on the beach, separating it according to the local trash disposal rules. In addition to plastic bottles and other plastic products, the participants also collected microplastics (pieces of plastic under 5mm in size that have broken down as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays and waves).

After the beach cleanup, participants engaged in learning activities about the ocean and science, making salt from seawater and iron from ironsand, including hands-on participation. Everyone looked on with great interest as salt and iron were actually produced, listened to explanations on the environmental impact, and developed a deeper understanding of the SDGs.

Going forward, we will continue to plan SDGs-related events and seminars, as well as collaborating with various organizations and local residents to promote and raise awareness of the SDGs. We appreciate your continued understanding and support for our SDG activities.