OPU Student Team Wins 1st and 3rd Prize in Student English Presentation Contest

On December 6, 2020, The Consortium of Universities in Osaka Student English Presentation Contest was held. Team Hope won 1st Prize and Team AEROS won 3rd Prize.

Team Hope presented “The feasible proposal towards reducing wastes of plastic” and Team AEROS presented “Proposals for the Realization of ‘Open Innovation city, Osaka’ ”.

Dr. Binu Kumar, Project Assistant Professor at the Center for advanced education of entrepreneurship and innovation, provided guidance.

Comments from stakeholders

Team Hope

College of Health and Human Sciences, School of Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy major, the 2nd year
College of Sustainable System Sciences, School of Knowledge and Information Systems, the 3rd year

We applied for the competition because we wanted to take some challenges of international events even in the global pandemic. We come from different countries, share different culture. We used Japanese, English to communicate, compared Japanese, Chinese, and American cultures, and shared what we learned in university. If we had any spare time, we seized the opportunity to share ideas in zoom, and sometimes asked overseas friends to correct our English, we worked together to prepare for the presentation. We won the championship, but also the whole process up to that point became a very good memory. We are so grateful to all the people supported us.

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