Online Exchange Meeting Between Osaka Prefecture University and Dalat University was Held

Zoom exchange meeting between Osaka Prefecture University and Dalat University in Vietnam was held on 25th Jan, 2021.

This event was conducted as part of the Japan-Asia Youth Science Exchange Program (Sakura Science Plan) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, 7 students at Osaka Prefecture University and 10 students at Dalat University participated in that.

In the morning session, introduction of both universities and purposes of Sakura Science Plan were shared. In the afternoon session, their experiment demonstrations, research presentations by 2 students of each university, and discussions for future collaboration were held.

Through this online exchange, we were able to deepen mutual understanding for future visits to Japan and share the knowledge necessary for joint research. It also became a good opportunity to accept new international students and raise the international consciousness of students at Osaka Prefecture University.

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