Nagaoka University of Technology conducted lectures and a panel discussion in a breakout session of the Japan Management Consultant Research Conference.

On October 31 (Sunday), in a breakout session (Room 2, Industry) of the 54th Japan Management Consultant Research Conference in Niigata organized by Association of Management Consultants in Japan, faculty members and students from Nagaoka University of Technology introduced our SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) activities and SDG-focused research in session titled “Innovation for Sustainable Local Industries.” In addition, our faculty members and students joined management consultants and companies in Nagaoka City to participate as panelists in a panel discussion on the role of management in promoting SDG 9 in local communities.
During the panel discussion, management consultants from all over Japan participated as audience members, culminating in lively discussions on topics such as “the gap between universities and companies,” “implementation of SDGs by companies,” and “the role of management consultants in bridging industry and academia.”

Lectures on the SDGs
  • International Industry-Academia Collaboration and SDG 9
    Dr. KATSUMI Mami, UEA, Center for International Industry-Academia Collaboration
  • Current Status and Issues in Road Surface Recycling: Toward the Continuation of Green Infrastructure Development
    HARUKAWA Kenta, second year master’s student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • New Snow Melting Pipes and the SDGs
    HIRATA Takumi, second year master’s student, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Panel Discussion
  • Moderator: Professor NANKO Makoto, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Panelists: Associate Professor SAITO Nobuo, Department of Materials Science and Technology, and five others (including two our students)

We will continue to consider vitalization and strategies for local communities through our SDG activities while raising awareness of the SDGs outside the university.

Student presentation 1

Student presentation 2

Panel discussion