Let’s meet the Amazing Japanese Person! – Learn from Mr. Toshihiro Nakamura, Social Entrepreneur, about Social Business and life – philosophy


As part of the activities of Human Resource Development Program for

International Cooperation between Rikkyo, Meiji and International University

of Japan (Inter-University Collaborative Education Program), …

  …this symposium introduced stories about Kopernik establishment till now,

how they have solved the social problems and yet coexist business,

to seek the possibilities of social business listening to the innovative

driving force.


On top of that, we heard the reason why Mr. Nakamura is active on world

wide stage, why he had changed his proffession 2 times, what he saw in

the third job place.  These stories could be the best material for the

audiences to consider flexibiliy about their future career selection. This

symposium provided new view point oppertunity for those who had not

been considering social business.


  • Date:     2015 Jun 2
  • Time:    18 :40-20 :40
  • Place:   Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus MB01


Toshihiro Nakamura:

       Social entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of NPO Kopernik,