Let’s Find Out about Refugees Campaign!


As part of the activities of Global Human Resource Development

Program for International Cooperation between Rikkyo, Meiji and

International University of Japan;


Ⅰ Selected books related to refugees in Rikkyo Library displayed.


1. Duration: June 6 to June 28

2. Place: Ikebukuro Campus Library B1

3. Let's learn about Refugees!

4. Concept: Display the books selected from all the books

in the library, related to refugees. Books are ranged

from easy reading to specialized so that various

people with different levels of knowledge and interests

about refugees can find the right book for them to

understand, correctly.


Ⅱ.St. Paul Plaza Book Store Introduction Display

① Duration: 6 months

② Place: St.Paul Plaza 2F

③Title: "Meals for Refugees"

④Concept: Introducing Recipe Book "Flavour without borders",

an approach from cuisine culture to understand about refugees,

at St.Paul Plaza Book Store.