International Symposium “Why are the Conflicts in Africa Prolonging? – From the Perspectives of Superpowers’ Roles – ” were held


As part of the activities of Human Resource Development Program

for International Cooperation between Rikkyo, Meiji and

International University of Japan, have organized an International

Symposium, "Why are the Conflics in Africa Prolonging? – From

the Perspectives of Superpowers' Roles -" .


Date:  June 27, 2015

Time: 13:00~17:00

Place: Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro Campus, 

           Build 9, Large Classroom


Speaker:   M.Pierre Péan (Investigative Journalist)

Moderator: Mr. Sukehiro Hasegawa

(Special Representative of the

Secretary-General of the United Nations)

Commentator:   Mr. Makoto Katsumata (Former

                     PRIME Director of Meiji-Gakuin


Commentator: Ms.Masako, Yonekawa

( Specially Appointed Associate

Professor of Graduate School of

Social Design Studies)


Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Darfur, Central Africa

Republic, Nigeria, Mali.…Africa has been repeatedly experiencing ‘wars’,

‘genocide’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘wars on terror’, especially since the 1990s.

As a result, millions of innocent people have been victimized through death,

displacement, sexual violence and kidnapping etc.

 Why has Africa remained unstable for a lengthy period despite various

efforts made by ‘international community’ to solve conflicts?

 Before we discuss how the ‘international community’ can stop these

atrocities to bring peace, it is important to have a correct understanding of

the nature of the conflicts in Africa. Based on his extensive investigation,

Mr. Pierre Péan, a renowned investigative journalist specialised in

international politics, haveanalysed this. In particular, he revealed

superpowers’ roles and intervention, whose aspects of African conflicts

remain mostly unknown in Japan.