Engagement after the 2012 school (fiscal) year


Rikkyo University is guided by “the essential principle cultivating

persons with specialized knowledge who are capable of seeking

universal and divine truth (Pro Deo) as well as working for our

world, society, and neighbors (Pro Patria).” as a goal, especially

for the  undergraduates. To accomplish the objective, Rikkyo

University has put up educational programs integrating

“Knowledge”, “Skill”,  Conduct” and “Experience”

Among the four, we have special interest for the “Conduct”

as a member of the citizen in the society of area of the University.

We are educating the students to have the high publicness and

morality to understand and perceive the dwelling biased view

of the different cultures, genders, disabilities etc. so that they can

correct and collaborate to pursue projects together who has

differentsense of values.

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In Rikkyo University, we will be focusing mainly on principles

6 “encouraging global citizenship through education” and

10 “promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding,

and the “unlearning” of intolerance, through education” of the

Academic Impact Commitment

through our undergraduate degree program: