On the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, “A World without Landmine, through viewing footage” were held

As part of the Human Resource Development Program for International

Cooperation between Rikkyo, Meiji and International University of Japan

(Inter-University Collaborative Education Program), and also in

collaboration with UNIC, we have hosted an International Symposium

Collaboration on the International Day for Mine Awareness and

Assistance in Mine Action (April 4th). 

Through the viewing of a documentary footages and panel

discussion, an event to raise the issues about landmine

problems were held at Rikkyo University in Ikebukuro campus.

It was titled ”A World without Landmines” through  the footages”.

We have watched one scene from a short video for the purpose

to educate people how to avoid landmines. Also, a documentary

film “Wonderland” (Shunpei Shigeta, 2012) which describes the

everyday tasks of Cambodian and Japanese de-miners  was

viewed, adhering with them in Cambodian minefield.


Panel discussion were conducted by the panels below,

Ms. Kaoru Nemoto, UNIC Tokyo, Director

Mr. Yasuyuki Tanigawa, Japan Mine Action Service,


Mr. Yasushi Noguchi, Arms Control and Disarmament

       Division, Manage

Ms. Yukie Osa, Rikkyo University Professor,

       and AAR, President


This symposium gave us a chance to hear interesting facts

related to landmines from participated Japanese standpoints.