Career Seminar was conducted by UNDP to provide the recruiting information of UNDP



A Career Seminar was conducted in collaboration with UNDP

for the undergraduate and graduate students to provide

the recruiting information of UNDP.


UNDP being a member of the Human Resource Development

Program for International Cooperation between Rikkyo, Meiji

and International University of Japan (Inter-University Collaborative

Education Program), a project adopted and propelled by Ministry of

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, has conducted

a career seminar for those undergraduates and graduates to provide

not only the information about UNDP but to have the undergraduates

and graduates to understand international cooperation activities and

introduced the available careers in the field. Mr. Michael C. Liley,

UNDP HR Director also told us about the necessary experiences

and qualifications and other requirements and application method. 

He also told us about other recruiting information for reference.

Mr Masatoshi Sato、Ministry of Foreign Affairs have spoken about

JPO Job Assignment Program.


  1. JPO(Junior Professional Officer) Job Assignment Program

Mr. Masatoshi Sato, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  1. A Career Seminar for UNDP and related organizations

Mr. Michael C. Liley, UNDP HR Director